Delete History Forever

Delete History Forever

Generally, history keeps the record of all the files and programs that you have recently used on your computer and it also holds the information about recently visited pages on internet. If you are sharing your computer with your office colleague or family member, then there are great chances that they might always track the details of your activity on computer by using history. There arises a need of permanently deleting history of recently used programs on computer as well as web history that includes download history, cookies, cache, Address bar, etc. You can clear history forever by using some manual methods, but they do not provide complete protection for your personal data. In order to accomplish complete data privacy, you need to make use of some reliable third party application that can accurately clean up history permanently. Remo MORE is one such useful software that knows how to erase history forever on your Windows as well as on Macintosh line of computers and laptops.

  • Fast and secure deletion of Web history on different browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, safari, etc.
  • Permanently erase download history, Cookies, Cache and other junk stuff easily and quickly
  • Simple and easy to use intuitive design to delete history forever just with one single click
  • Effortlessly cleans up browsing history and recent applications on both Mac and Windows computer

Secure App to Permanently Delete Web History…!!!

When you are visiting any site on the internet on your system, all the information about what you have done on internet will get saved automatically on browser that is called web history. The next time, when you surf any kind of request for that particular page, then web history is used to reload that page and serve the page at faster speed. But, if someone is tracking your web history or you surf internet on public computers, then it becomes essential to delete history forever. Remo MORE is the most fascinating toolkit that is designed and developed by industry experts having years of experience in producing third party Apps. This application would help you in deleting browsing history permanently, which in turn guards your privacy. It will allow you to choose the Browser type from which you would like to clean up history permanently.

Simple Approach on How to Erase History Forever on Mac…!!!

A single Mac computer might be having multiple accounts, but if the other user knows password of the administrator then he / she can easily have a check on your daily computer activities by checking history. History stores computer activity including your browser activity. Therefore, to safeguard your private data, it is important for you to delete browsing as well as computer history permanently. If you wish to delete history forever on your Mac O X based computers and laptops, then using services of Remo MORE suite would be the right choice for you. Remo MORE tool is built with a privacy cleaner option that clear history forevere from browser junk present on the internet history on a Mac machine. Once the browsing history is deleted by making use of our MORE tool, it cannot be retrieved. MORE suite comes absolutely free of cost that means user can delete history forever from their Mac computers without getting charged for a single penny.

How to Delete Download History Permanently???

Whenever you download any file or application on your computer from website, then a list of all the downloaded items will get stored, it is referred to be the download history. So, this download history needs to be deleted as this will let the third party user to know what all are the files that you have downloaded from browser. Therefore, to erase download history forever from your internet, the simplest and reliable method is to go for our free Remo MORE suite. Remo MORE will securely wipe all of your download history from the browser and protects your data privacy. Adding to delete history forever from download list, this utility can also delete other browser junk such as cache, cookies, temp internet files, Add-ons, extension, bookmarks, etc. thereby providing best security against unauthorized access.

Best Way to Delete History Forever on Windows 7…!!!

Using Remo MORE software is the thorough way clear history forever on your Windows 7 PC. The software is equipped with “Schedule” option, by using which you can schedule this tool to delete history completely from all browsers types automatically from your Windows 7 computer. With the aid of this free history wiper, you can learn how to erase history forever from Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers running with not only Windows 7 operating system, but also from Windows computers with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista OS. Deletion of history from computer also helps you in optimizing the system’s performance as over the time, the file size of history increases and it gradually degrades the speed. So, one should regularly delete history from their Windows computer to keep the system working in top condition and for security reasons. Click here to get additional information to delete history forever on Windows 7.

Recent Updates:

Delete Google Chrome Search History: If you are looking for an application which can delete Google Chrome history on your system, then just make use of Delete History Forever application. It’s a highly effective tool, which can give you better results. For more details, log on to:

Guidelines on how to erase history forever:

Step1: Download Remo MORE suit on your Windows PC and install it. Launch the application and choose “Optimize” option from the main welcome screen as depicted in Figure A.

Delete History Forever - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step2: Then, select “Privacy Cleaner” option to delete history forever as depicted in Figure B.

Delete History Forever - Choose Privacy Cleaner Option

Figure B: Choose Privacy Cleaner Option

Step3: Now, choose “One Click Clean” in order to delete browser activity, Windows junk files, program activity, free disk space and many other data stuff all in on go as depicted in Figure C.

Delete History Forever - Select One Click Clean Option

Figure C: Select One Click Clean Option

Step4: After that, the software will come up with new screen and ask weather do you want to run One Click Clean now. Click on “Clean” button to start the process of deleting history and other junk data as depicted in Figure D.

Delete History Forever - Tap on Clean Button to Erase History

Figure D: Tap on Clean Button to Erase History